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Optimized Hormone Therapy for Women

Decreased energy, strength, mental clarity, or libido? You are not alone.

Nearly every woman over the age of 40 experiences the natural decline in energy levels, mental clarity, strength, and libido that comes along with age, as well as other health risks and unwanted symptoms, attributed to the gradual decline in hormone levels. In women, this can be menopausal symptoms or the beginning of menopause and is due to hormonal imbalances or decreasing levels of testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone.

Our clinic near you is dedicated to providing you with a safe, healthy, and bioidentical therapy solution to optimize your hormonal imbalances and improve your symptoms of fatigue, decreased mental clarity, strength, and libido, among other common symptoms with women's hormone issues. Dr. Matthew McAuliffe will develop a treatment plan tailored for you, such as hormone replacement therapy.

Signs of Hormonal Imbalance in Women Include:

Hot Flashes
Night Sweats
Memory Loss
Low Sex Drive
Vaginal Dryness
Urinary Incontinence
Mood Swings
Weight Gain
Hair Loss
Mood Changes 
Sexual Dysfunction
Meet April.
When she first came to our clinic, she had been suffering from mood changes and decreased energy. Hormone Replacement Therapy helped her improve her mood and her energy.

Treatment To Fit Your Life

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help patients find relief from the symptoms they are experiencing from less-than-optimal hormones. With Dr. Matthew McAuliffe here at Arizona Performance Medicine, you receive a customized, evidence-based medical treatment plan that includes hormone therapy, exercise, nutrition, and sleep optimization.

Often, primary care physicians who do not specialize in hormone therapy are unwilling to pursue hormone optimization, such as estrogen therapy, with the vigor our integrative medicine providers have. We do not treat lab values or numbers, we treat people and their symptoms. Our treatment plan for women's health is targeted to help you feel great and optimize your wellness.

Individual Female Hormone Replacement Therapy Programs Include:

  • Treatment by your provider, who is highly trained in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Full review of symptoms, including personal and family medical history
  • Comprehensive hormone level testing
  • Customized programs to alleviate specific symptoms, such as menopausal symptoms, based on personal medical history and lab result analysis
  • Compounded hormones and supplements
  • Nutritional and fitness recommendations and support
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Different Treatment Options

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for women is available in different forms. After your evaluation of your unique symptoms and a thorough review of lab values, your provider will make a hormone therapy recommendation that is best for you. Recommended treatment options include:

  • Creams – This treatment is usually applied to the skin; however, in some circumstances, the creams can be inserted directly into the vagina for specific treatment reasons.
  • Tablets – Tablets are a common and effective way to administer hormone therapy. Tablets are taken every day by mouth. While tablets have gotten a bad reputation in some circles, that reputation was incorrectly applied to true Bioidentical estrogen. The bad reputation is applied to estrogens obtained from horse urine and chemicalized synthetic progestins that are NOT used by Arizona Performance Medicine.


Follow-up appointments will be scheduled to continually monitor your hormone levels with lab work and to assess your symptoms so you can feel like the best you possible.  Our treatment will be revised as necessary until the optimum balance is achieved. This is why we call our approach Bioidentical Hormone Optimization Therapy (BHOT), not just hormone therapy.

Members of our treatment plans for hormonal imbalances have unlimited access to the medical provider and office staff. We pride ourselves on offering a concierge experience to our patients that encourages communication, the flexibility of care, and mutual trust. Dr. Matthew McAuliffe and our staff want you to feel like family here. If you're looking into women's hormone therapy near you, call us today!

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