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Arizona Performance Medicine is located in Scottsdale Arizona just off the 101 and Shea and is the preeminent clinic to go to for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Matthew McAuliffe and our team offer a concierge service that will create expert-tailored treatment plans as if you were a member of our own family with your health and wellness in mind. Arizona Performance Medicine aims to bring our clients wellness to new heights with increased energy, vitality, and mental clarity,

We are fully equipped to ensure your experience, treatment plan, and therapy are second-to-none. Here, you are an important client, and like family.

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Arizona Performance Medicine strives to ensure our clients receive care for their wellness and health that aligns with our mission and our core values.

Our Mission

Is to provide evidence-based, life-enhancing age management to clients through hormone optimization, nutrition and exercise recommendations, correcting metabolic dysfunction  and improving sexual performance so that they may enjoy a longer, healthier life filled with vitality.

Arizona Performance Medicine Core Values We Live By:

Client First
Distinction through Excellence
Integrity and Honesty
Medical Care that is evidence-based
Team Minded
Open to New Ideas to Improve

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